EViR Strategic Workplan – Expanding our vision  

Our vision is to maximise the impact and benefit to society of health-related research by advancing research practices and funding. The Guiding Principles have been agreed as a framework to help members increase the value and maximise the impact, rigour, reliability, robustness and transparency of the research they fund. In order to maximise the effectiveness of EViR activity, a strategic wokplan was agreed following the September 2022 Strategic Meeting.  

In our strategic delivery plan, EViR members have renewed their commitment to supporting research excellence. The plan focuses on selected priority topics, agreed by all to be important areas for development over the next 3 to 5 years. It was developed within the Guiding Principles framework which helps members increase the value and maximise the impact, rigour, reliability, robustness and transparency of the research they fund. 

The priority areas identified for inclusion in this work plan are: 

  • Review and evolution of the EViR Guiding Principles. 
  • Using and developing the Research on Research evidence-base to inform and improve funding practice. 
  • Ensuring meaningful and consistent equality diversity and inclusion (EDI). 
  • Ensuring sustainability of research funding practice. 
  • Extending our reach to low- and middle-income countries (LMIC). 
  • Expanding our membership within an inclusive and robust governance structure. 
  • Maximising our communication and engagement opportunities. 

We would like to invite you to read the EViR strategic Workplan and join our international community of health-research funders and organisations that represent funders and/or influence health-related research funding policy.   

Roundtable Minutes Repository  

  • Minutes October 2022 EViR Roundtable Meeting  
  • Minutes March/April 2022 EViR Roundtable Meeting  


This self-assessment tool is based on the EViR Guiding Principles and on international good practice recommendations in the 2014 Lancet series on research waste led by Iain Chalmers and Paul Glasziou. PCORI and HRB have both undertaken a self-audit based on the Lancet framework, which addresses all actors in the research landscape. EViR considered a tool specifically focussing on good practice recommendations for funders to be useful. The tool helps funders to drive change, improving the utility, safeguarding the validity and reliability, and improving the dissemination, knowledge mobilisation and implementation of research. 

The purpose of the EViR Self-Assessment Tool is to:  

  • Facilitate research funding organisations to reflect on their policies and practices throughout all aspects of funding activity in a structured way, with the intent to further strengthen value and uptake in the research they fund; 
  • Facilitate deep engagement with the EViR principles; 
  • Facilitate repeat assessments over time to monitor continuous improvements; and 
  • Over time, build up a repository of good practice and identify potential sources of advice for other funders 

The self-assessment should above all be useful to the organisation. It may be published or used solely internally, however once started it should spur on internal conversations. 

Areas of Interest 

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