Consensus Statement

As organisations that fund health-related research, represent funders, or set funding policy, we believe that we have a responsibility not just to seek to develop knowledge, but also to advance the practices of health-related research and research funding.

Therefore, we commit to working together and with our respective research communities to share current and develop new approaches to increase the value of health-related research. We commit to transparency in this process, including evaluating our progress and the impact of our efforts. This will contribute to improvement in the health and lives of all peoples, everywhere.

Along with other relevant activity in the wider research landscape (e.g., the REWARD statement), we understand that, as funders, we will maximise the value of the research we fund when:

We set justifiable research priorities
We require robust research design, conduct and analysis
We seek to ensure that research regulation and management are proportionate to risks
We seek to ensure that complete information on research methods and findings from studies is accessible and usable
Increasing value will require collaborative efforts among funders, regulators, commercial organisations, publishers, editors, researchers, research organisations, research users and others.

Our Guiding Principles help health-related research funders increase the value of their research

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