As funders, we recognise a unique responsibility to fund research in a way that maximises the value of that funding.

The goal of the EViR Funders’ Forum is to maximise the probability of benefits to society from health-related research by working together to find the most effective practices for ensuring that reliable, useful evidence is created, and then made accessible to those who need it.

Membership is open to:

  • health-related research funder organisations
  • organisations that represent funders
  • organisations that set health-related research funding policy
  • organisations that work closely with researchers or research funders
  • organisations that make a contribution to improving the health research funding landscape

There are some organisations that do not neatly fit these criteria but are still important members of the Forum. Contact us to discuss.

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There are three types of membership:

Full EViR Membership:

Held by organisations, not by individuals. To become a full member, an organisation needs to:

  • Be a health-related research funder;
  • Support the Guiding Principles and strive to ensure value in research.

Associate Membership:

Can be held by organisations, not by individuals, to become an associate member, an organisation needs to:

  • Be an organisation that represents research funders (without being a funder itself), or sets health-related research policies, or works closely with researchers or research funders, or makes a contribution to improving the health research funding landscape;
  • Support the Guiding Principles.

Honorary Membership:

Can be held by individuals invited by the Steering Group who:

  • Support the Guiding Principles;
  • Are a leading voice in a field relevant to health research funding;
  • Represent a group of stakeholders whose voice should be present at the Forum discussions.

Membership fees:

Full EViR Membership:

There are two levels of membership fee, depending on the size of the research funding organisation:

  • for larger funders, i.e. those with an annual research spend of GBP10M or greater, the annual fee is GBP5,000;
  • for smaller funders, i.e. those with an annual research spend of less than GBP10M, the annual fee is GBP1,000.

EViR will strive to ensure that the fee will not increase by more than ten per cent year on year.

Associate Membership:

There is no set or mandatory membership fee for associate members, but small contributions towards EViR running costs are welcome.

Honorary Membership:

There is no set or mandatory fee for Honorary members.

Membership benefits

All EViR members have access to:

  • The EViR network of members
  • All past and present materials including those from Forum groups on Microsoft Teams, tools and resources
  • Membership of interest groups for specialist areas
  • Membership of working groups relating to Guiding Principles
  • EViR conference and webinars
  • A community of practice for queries or discussions

Full members will also have access to:

  • The opportunity to join the Steering Group
  • Full participation in Round Table meetings
  • Influencing the future agenda of the Forum

Honorary and Associate members will also be able to:

  • Attend all open EViR meetings
  • Attend EViR Round Table meetings at the invitation of the Steering Group

To join the Forum please email us this completed application form (Word or Pdf version).

Members undertake to:

Sign up to the consensus statement and guiding principles
Commit to active engagement in the learning and development work of EViR
Share and champion the approaches developed by EViR

Some of our members include:

Honorary membership:

Prof Paul Glasziou

Director, Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare,
Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond University, Australia

Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga

Professor in evidence-based transition to animal-free innovations IRAS Tox, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

Matt Westmore

Chief Executive
Health Research Authority, The United Kingdom

Dr Garry Aslanyan

Head of Secretariat, ESSENCE on Health Research Manager, TDR
World Health Organization





Collaborations and support:

Contact us for more information about joining EViR

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