EViR advances the practices of health-related research and research funding

Member organisations from around the world collaborate in EViR to develop new approaches to increase the value of health-related research.

The EViR Funders’ Forum offers an international community of shared practice and facilitated learning to increase the value of health-related research. We offer members the chance to:


We provide a space to engage in networking and mentorship, discuss common challenges with peers, and access tools, contacts, and curated lists of information developed by leaders in the field.


Seminars on emerging topics provide opportunities for knowledge-sharing and collective understanding of best-practices. We also conduct surveys of funder policies and practice to allow for facilitated learning, including benchmarking with peers and evaluation of our progress.


We provide opportunities for collaborative investment and joint action. We also engage with peers in biomedical research, including publishers, researchers, research users and others.


Members have a voice in developing policies and minimum standards, to support and influence accountable practices in the developing field of health research funding. Enhancing research practice will contribute to improvement in the health and lives of all peoples, everywhere.

We commit to working together and with our respective research communities to share current and develop new approaches to increase the value of health-related research

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