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Webinar – COVID-END: Achievements, Priorities and Opportunities to Draw on this Work to Achieve Greater Value for Money When Commissioning or Funding COVID-19 Research

Purpose of the session: Describe COVID-END’s achievements to date and its current priorities, as well as identify opportunities to draw on this work to achieve greater value for money when funding/commissioning COVID-19 research.


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COVID-END is a time-limited network of 46 organizations and networks conducting COVID-19-related evidence syntheses and supporting policymakers and stakeholders to use COVID-19-related evidence syntheses in decision making. It aims to enhance coordination and reduce inappropriate duplication of effort in the evidence-synthesis response to COVID-19 (and in the primary studies that feed into these evidence syntheses) and it does so across the full breadth of pandemic response (including public-health measures, clinical management, health-system arrangements, and economic and social responses).


John N. Lavis, MD PhD, Co-Lead, COVID-END; Director, McMaster Health Forum; and Professor, McMaster UniversityJeremy Grimshaw, MBChB PhD, Co-Lead, COVID-END; Senior Scientist, OHRI; and Professor, University Of Ottawa
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