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Next EViR Meeting – 15 & 18 October 2021

We are very delighted to announce the dates of the 11th EViR Round Table – Friday 15th and Monday 18th October 2021. Please hold the dates and we hope you can join us as the different perspectives and contributions from our wide range of members during the round table meeting are so valuable.

This will be a virtual event and will be co-hosted with Forte. Please contact us for more information.

Virtual - Hosted by Forte12.00pm—16.00pm

Proposed Agenda

We are delighted to share the agenda for the 11th EViR round table – Friday 15 and Monday 18 October 2021 which will mark the launch of the EViR Membership. This will be a virtual event and will be co-hosted with Forte and delivered around 12:00-16:00 BST each day.

  1. Welcome to the EViR round table.
  2. Future of research funding. During this session we aim to:
    • Identify and discuss the mega-trends in our sector that will determine what the research and funding landscape will be like in 5, 10, 20 years’ time framing it in the context of the guiding principles of the Forum.
    • Learn from COVID-19 and what it tells us about the future.
    • Agree on the skeleton of a paper on the Forum’s collective view for publication.
  3. Working ways of the Forum:
    • Discussion about benefits of working and interest groups, and other networking EViR activities as well as the Forum future priorities.
  4. Sustainability:
    • We will discuss how the Forum works and how funded research feeds into that.
  5.  EViR Funders’ Forum Membership:
    • This is an opportunity to foster conversation and learning about the Forum outputs and activities, and plans for the coming year.