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EViR-ESSENCE Webinar – Good practices to ensure value in research in low- & middle-income countries

Purpose of the session: Raise awareness of each group with the members of the other and to explore common areas of interest, particularly around dissemination and costing of research.



  1. Introduction to the Funders’ Forum and highlight the particularly relevant guiding principles – Elaine Williams.
  2. Introduction to ESSENCE on Health Research initiative – Thabi Maitin.
  3. ESSENCE work on implementation – Garry Aslanyan with comments from Ana Lucía Weinberg, European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP), Netherlands.
  4. ESSENCE work on costing of research – Garry Aslanyan with comment from Allen Mukhwana, African Academy of Science (AAS), Kenya.
  5. Discussion


  • Introduce ESSENCE to EViR members and vice versa.
  • Explore common areas of interest and understand the commonalities of work.
  • See good how practices influence funders plans.

Presenting organisations

  • EViR Funders’ Forum – Collaboration of research funders, organisations that represent research funders or are involved in setting R&D policy who come together to advance the practices of health related research and research funding, in order to increase its value. Currently, the Forum engages with around 40 different organisations from around the world.
  •  ESSENCE on Health Research – Initiative that allows donors/funders to identify synergies, establish coherence and increase the value of resources and action for health research. Members include representatives of health research funding agencies, international health institutions, government research agencies, development organizations, philanthropists and multilateral initiatives.


Elaine Williams – Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the NIHR Evaluation and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC, UK)Dr Garry Aslanyan – Manager of Partnerships and Governance at the World Health Organization (WHO) Special Programme on Research and Training on Tropical Diseases in Geneva (Switzerland)Thabi Maitin - Division Manager - South African Medical Research Council (South Africa)
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