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4th EViR Chatter Session – Research Transparency

These informal chatter meetings provide members with the space and opportunity to discuss issues that do not require a formal meeting or agenda. They are designed to allow members to meet with a greater degree of spontaneity and flexibility and without the need to wait until a roundtable meeting to address any topics of interest.

This meeting is for EViR members only, please contact the secretariat if you would like to discuss your membership.


This chatter session will explore what is top of mind in this important area for funders now and potentially into the future.  To focus our minds, those joining could consider:

  • What policies do funders have in place to drive a culture of transparency through the research they fund.  Are these aligned to the WHO joint statement on transparency. How do you know these policies are effective?
  • How far do these policies stretch? What kind of data is included – research data, source code, publishing data, the trial cost data. Does it go beyond trials to cover all research funded?
  • What kind of incentives, support, guidance or consequence exists for researchers to comply or not with either policy or good practice? What activity is funded? Is there a period of exclusivity?  How do we know what good looks like?
  • What are funders doing to spread awareness, skills and knowledge amongst award holders? Is there anything we can do as funders to drive any key aspects of transparency forward e.g. to improve transparency practice, change culture, or to drive a key aspect of transparency e.g. are we publishing trial/research costs e.g. MSF transparency policy and research highlighting the need for transparency of trial costs ( and
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