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Autumn 2023 EViR Roundtable Meeting

We are excited to announce the 2023 Autumn EViR Round Table meeting live in The Hague The Netherlands September 27th and 28th 2023. The programme is currently under development and subject to input from the spring meeting but we urge you to save the dates and prepare to join us in the Hague during this time.

We will be hosted by ZonMw, The Netherlands, that this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. In addition to the round table ZonMw will host a symposium on September 26th specifically focussed on 25 years of Implementation Science and Practice to which you are also cordially invited. This is of special interest to EViR member colleagues working in Dissemination and Implementation and we recommend asking those within your organisation to attend. We hope to meet you in good health in September in the Netherlands: Welkom!

The Hague, The Netherlands12.00pm—16.00pm

EViR Roundtable Meeting Agenda - Wednesday 27 September 2023

  • Welcome to the 15th EViR meeting: Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
  • Plenary session from ZonMw and reflections on ZonMw’s journey as the host organisation
    Introducer: Staffan Arvidsson (Forte)
    Speaker: Véronique Timmerhuis (ZonMw)
  • Reflections from 25 years ZonMw implementation symposium
    Introducer: Staffan Arvidsson (Forte)

    • Kris Pelleboer (ZonMw)
    • Jos Zandvliet (ZonMw)
  • Sustainability for Research Funding Practice
    Introducer: Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
    Speaker: Susan Simon, Director of Capital and Estates and Chief Environmental Sustainability Officer for the Medical Research Council (MRC)
  • Climate and Health: Priorities for Research Funders
    Introducer: Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
    Speaker: Fern Brookes (The Academy of Medical Sciences)
  • Inclusion in research
    Introducer: Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
    Speaker: Lilian Hunt, EDIS Lead, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Science and Health (EDIS), Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Team, Wellcome Trust
  • Panel reflection on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) topic lecture
    Facilitator: Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
    Panel Members:

    • Alana Wilde (NIHR Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager)
    • Violina Sarma (HCRW)
    • tbc
  • EViR Updates
    • Updates on the pre-clinical working group – Julia Menon (ZonMw)
    • EViR Membership Update – Michael Bowdery (HCRW) and Cristina Lujan Barroso (EViR)
    • EViR Working Groups Update – Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
  • Day closure: Michael Bowdery (HCRW)

EViR Members’ Dinner will take place at Garuda, an Indonesian restaurant serving fusion-style food – 19:00

EViR Roundtable Meeting Agenda - Wednesday 27 September 2023

Day two is for members’ leads and relevant colleagues. During this day, we will focus on activities and actions under the priority areas in our strategic plan.

  • Welcome to Day 2: Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
  • Welcome to new members
    • National Evidence-based Healthcare Collaborating Agency (NECA, South Korea)
    • tbc
  • Update on the work of the New EViR Working Groups
    • Research on Research (RoR): Amanda Jane Blatch-Jones (NIHR)
    • Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC): Garry Aslanyan (ESSENCE/WHO)
    • Sustainability: Josie Jackson (HCRW)
    • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI): Michael Bowdery (HCRW) and Cristina Lujan Barroso (EViR)
    • Review and Update of the EViR Guiding Principles: Anne Cody (HRB), Dottie Goble (NIHR), Charlotte Coates (The Scar Free Foundation) and Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
    • Communications and Engagement: CCristina Lujan Barroso (EViR)
  • Summary of key actions and meeting closure – Michael Bowdery (HCRW)

Full agenda and speakers information here.

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