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14th EViR Meeting – 30 & 31 March 2023

The next EViR Round Table Meeting will take place on 30&31 March 2023 and we hope you can join us virtually as the perspectives of all our members are so valuable.

Following the transition to the new membership model, day 2 will be restricted to members only. Please contact the secretariat if you would like to discuss your membership.


Meeting details:

The meeting will follow up on the Autumn 2022 Round Table discussions. Day 1 will include thought-provoking sessions and panel discussions and will be open to EViR members and invited key stakeholders and organisations while Day 2 discussions will be fed from Day 1 discussions and will be open to members only. Day 1 will run from 12:18:15 BST and Day 2 from 12:00-17:00 BST.

Some of Day 1 sessions are:

  • Panel Session: EViR Strategic Workplan – Issues that matter.
  • TranspariMED/EVIR on clinical trial transparency – Till Bruckner (TranspariMED).
  • RoRI progress and future plans – James Wilsdon (Research on Research Institute (RoRI), UK).

The focus of Day 2 will be to develop an action plan on the topic areas identified in the strategic plan. Some of the sessions will be supported by guest organisations that have performed remarkably in the different topic areas and will support the discussions.

Day 1 Agenda

Thursday 30 March 2023

  • Welcome to the 14th EViR meeting: Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
  • Panel Session: EViR Strategic Workplan – Issues that matter
    • CIHR – Steven Mitchell (Acting Director-General of Science Policy)
    • DLR – Beatrix Schumak (Scientific Officer) and Elise Radtke (Scientific Officer)
    • ESSENCE/WHO – Garry Aslanyan (Manager of Partnerships and Governance)
    • Steering Group Member
    • tbc
  • Plenary sessions:
    • TranspariMED/EVIR on clinical trial transparency – Till Bruckner (TranspariMED, UK) Research funders can significantly improve clinical trial transparency and reduce research waste through a combination of strong policies and monitoring systems. This session will bring together five experts with hands-on experience to answer your questions. We look forward to a lively debate!
      • Chair: Dottie Goble (NIHR)
      • Comparing strengths and gaps in funder policies worldwide (Marguerite O’Riordan, researcher)
      • Using a policy self-assessment tool & achieving easy wins (Till Bruckner, TranspariMED, UK)
      • How NRC created a strong transparency policy (Henrietta Blankson, Norwegian Research Council, Norway)
      • How ACF is communicating and implementing its policy (Kristine Beckers, Anti-Cancer Fund, Belgium)
      • Monitoring (see this paper and this MRC audit) and enforcing grantee compliance Creating a strong policy II (Rachel Knowles, Medical Research Council, UK)
    • RoR: Are we all metascientists now? Future priorities for research on research James Wilsdon, FAcSS FISC, Director, Research on Research Institute (RoRI)
    • EViR updates:
      • EViR Self-Audit Tool
      • Pre-clinical Survey – Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga (Utrecht University) and Julia Menon (Netherlands Heart Institute)
      • Dissemination and Implementation Interest Group – Barbara van der Linden (ZonMw)
    • Knowledge Mobilization at CIHR – Towards a Framework and Action Plan. Co-presenters:
      • Sheena Chan, Senior Advisor, Knowledge Mobilization Strategies, Science Policy (CIHR)
      • Charlotte Ryder-Burbidge, Analyst, Knowledge Mobilization Strategies, Science Policy (CIHR)
  • EViR Social (optional but encouraged).

Day 2 Agenda:

Friday 31 March 2023

  • Welcome to Day 2: Michael Bowdery (HCRW, UK)
  • Plenary session: EViR Guiding Principles. Chair: Anne Cody (HRB)
  • EViR Strategic Work Programme
    • Parallel Session 1 – LMIC and Sustainability EViR work programme.
Session LMIC Sustainability
Chair Garry Aslanyan (ESSENCE/WHO) Ellie Monks (SHEI)
Expert input tbc tbc
    • Parallel Session 2 – EDI and RoR EViR work programme
Session EDI RoR
Chair Kelly Durham (PCORI) Amanda Blatch-Jones (NIHR)
Expert input Marie Bernard (NIH) tbc
  • Summary of key actions and meeting closure – Michael Bowdery (HCRW, UK)






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