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13th EViR Meeting – 27 & 28 October 2022

The next EViR Round Table Meeting will take place on 27&28 October 2022 and we hope you can join us virtually as the perspectives of all our members are so valuable.

Following the transition to the new membership model, day 2 will be restricted to members only. Please contact the secretariat if you would like to discuss your membership.


Meeting details:

The meeting will follow up on the Spring 2022 Round Table and the September Strategy meeting discussions. Day 1 will include thought-provoking sessions and panel discussions and will be open to EViR members and invited key stakeholders and organisations while Day 2 discussions will be fed from Day 1 discussions and will be open to members only. Some of the suggested items for the next Round Table meeting are:

  • Back to basics, reflecting on the Guiding Principles and what RoR tells us.
  • Researcher/end-user engagement.
  • Pre-clinical/clinical gap/translation.
  • Strategy of the Forum.
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