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13th EViR Meeting – 27 & 28 October 2022

The next EViR Round Table Meeting will take place on 27&28 October 2022 and we hope you can join us virtually as the perspectives of all our members are so valuable.

Following the transition to the new membership model, day 2 will be restricted to members only. Please contact the secretariat if you would like to discuss your membership.


Meeting details:

The meeting will follow up on the Spring 2022 Round Table and the September Strategy meeting discussions. Day 1 will include thought-provoking sessions and panel discussions and will be open to EViR members and invited key stakeholders and organisations while Day 2 discussions will be fed from Day 1 discussions and will be open to members only. Some of the suggested items for the next Round Table meeting are:

  • Back to basics, reflecting on the Guiding Principles and what RoR tells us.
  • Researcher/end-user engagement.
  • Pre-clinical/clinical gap/translation.
  • Strategy of the Forum.


Thursday 27 October 2022

Day 1 is open to everyone from the broad EViR global community with an interest in the EViR agenda, regardless of the membership status of their organisation. Day 1 discussions will feed into the Day 2 agenda.

  • Welcome to the 13th EViR meeting: Michael Bowdery (HCRW)
  • Panel – Why EViR matters – Proposed panel: Proposed panel:
    • Barbara van der Linden (ZonMW, The Netherlands)
    • Charlotte Coates (The Scar Free Foundation)
    • Staffan Arvidsson (Forte, Sweden)

Plenary sessions:

  • Back to basics: reflecting on the Guiding Principles and what RoR tell us – Anne Cody (HRB, Ireland) with the support of Jane Blatch-Jones (NIHR, UK) and James Wilsdon (RoRI, UK)
  • Standardisation, and automation – Barbara van der Linden (ZonMW, The Netherlands)
  • Pre-clinical/clinical gap/translationChair: Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga (SYRCLE)
    • Preclinical confirmatory studies and systematic reviews – Cosima Pfenninger (DLR, Germany)
    • Importance of high-quality preclinical studies for translational success – Natascha Drude (Berlin QUEST center, Germany
  • Partnering to Ensure Value in Research: Research Funders and Guideline Developers – Evelyn Whitlock. This presentation will introduce a process developed for WHO’s Handbook for Guideline Development that systematically identifies and prioritizes needed research during guideline development, emphasizing the potential for research funders to efficiently provide the research needed to improve guidelines.
  • EViR Social (optional but encouraged).

Friday 28 October 2022

Day 2 is focused on EViR work programme development and is thus limited to EViR member leads and relevant colleagues. We will focus on hearing, reviewing and discussing the draft strategy proposed in September 2022, aiming to agree on an implementation proposal.

Discussions: EViR Strategy – Strategy Overview – 7 priority areas:

  • Guiding Principles
  • Research on Research – RoR
  • Sustainability
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – EDI
  • Low and middle-income countries – LMIC
  • Membership and Governance
  • Communications and Engagement


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